SS-101C Mobile Phone Chip Advanced Repair Kit

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SS-101C Mobile Phone Chip Advanced Repair Kit Description

SS-101C Mobile Phone Chip Advanced Repair Kit

1pc Handle+3PCS Blades

1. Scraper: suitable for all edge rubber processing with plastic IC, does not hurt the motherboard;
2. Sickle: suitable for disassembly of WIFI, hard disk and other sealing IC;
3. Blade: For A8 A9 A10 CPU layering and integrated disassembly;
4. Hand-polished, sharp and tough, each blade is hand-polished by the master, the blade is thick, and the blade edge is thin.
Each piece is rigorously screened, high hardness, high toughness, in addition to glue, CPU, pry chip, cut edge glue.
5. Aluminum alloy handle, streamlined pointed design, more comfortable to feel, moderate length, more convenient to hold.
6. Minimalist beauty, like a beautiful pen, exquisite workmanship, giving you a different experience.
7. Copper cross clamp, knurled anti-slip technology, craftsmanship, pay attention to every detail.


Model Number: SS-101C
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Application: Computer Tool Kit


-Please check your model before ordering.

Package Content

1x SS-101C Mobile Phone Chip Advanced Repair Kit

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