Sancore Earphone Storage Box (M-Rectangle-Grey)

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Sancore Earphone Storage Box (M-Rectangle-Grey)

How do you keep your headphone cords tidy? Do you even bother managing your cables? This storage bag will help to manage your headphones and won't mess again. You can storage your earphone, USB cable, charger, USB, key, coin, etc. Portable and best storage box in your Backpack.

*Inside the bag, the mesh pocket and elastic bandage design can prevent cable winding and keep every little things order.

*With the EVA shock resistance material, this box good at shock and compression resistance.


Material: EVA + Oxford Fabric

Square size: 8cm * 8cm * 4cm

Round: 8.5cm * 4cm

Rectangle: 9cm * 12cm * 4cm

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Sancore Earphone Storage Box (M-Rectangle-Grey)

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