REMAX Flat Noodle Shape In-ear EarPhones White

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REMAX Flat Noodle Shape In-ear Earphones White

Best earphone to provide precise bass

Featuring with noise isolation, this pair of flat noodle shape in-ear earphones is able to reproduce low audio frequencies when you enjoy music. Its earplugs are soft silicon, making it comfortable to wear. If you prefer the precise bass, this earphones is the best choice.

Superior TPE wire rod

This earphone comes with a twist free flexible cable, which is made from superior TPE wire rod. It won’t become broken line even has been bended over 5000times. It can also keep softness when it exposures to the cold, ensuring its comfortable touch feeling and longer service life. It has been designed as flat noodle shape, making it not easy to be tangled up with each other.

Remote controller with MIC

This pair of in-ear headsets has a remote controller, which brings much convenience to your music enjoyment. When you listen to music, click the button once, it’ll make the music start or stop; quickly click twice, it’ll come to the next song; quickly click three times, it’ll go back to the previous song. Coming with MIC, you can use it to answer the calls or hang up.

3.5mm Gilded plug to keep clear stereo

The earphone has a 3.5mm gilded plug, which is not easy to be oxidized in the air. With less distortion, it can create original sound. The 3.5mm jack design makes it suitable for digital audio equipment like iPhone.

Fine package with 2 pairs of extra earplugs

This pair of REMAX in-ear earphones has a beautifully designed packaging, a new box, a leather

pounch, two pairs of extra earplugs with different sizes.

REMAX Flat Noodle Shape In-ear Earphones White Specification:

-Compatible with: Samsung/HTC/iPhone Smartphone

-Color: White

-Frequency range: 20-20000HZ

-Level of sensitivity: 95dB/1Khz


-Power: 10mW

-Unit size: 1cm

-Length of cable: 120cm

Package Content:

1 x REMAX Flat Noodle Shape In-ear Earphones White

Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.0808KG

-Packing Size: 19.2x7.1x1.7 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.1428KG

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