Quick TS1100 ESD Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Station (220V-EU Plug)

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Quick TS1100 ESD Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Station (220V-EU Plug)


1. Metal structure heater, strong and durable.
2. Intelligent distribution of output power, power up to 90W.
3. The touch button is beautiful in appearance, waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to operate and long in service life.
4. Preheat temperature, quickly switch 3 different temperature points to meet the requirements of different products and different welding processes.
5. The password locking function can effectively ensure that the production process parameters are not arbitrarily modified. Monitor the ESD grounding function in real time to ensure the electrostatic protection safety of welding products.
6. More intimate power-off safety protection design.
7. It has temperature alarm function, and two temperature scale modes of Fahrenheit and Celsius can be switched freely.
8. Intelligent sleep function, capacitance sensing handle wakes up.
9. Automatic shutdown function, reduce the cost of supplies, saving energy



Power: 90W
Working voltage: 220V / 110V AC(note110 V Customization takes 20 days)
Temperature: 200~450°C
Weight: 2.8KG
Dimensions: 113 * 150 * 92mm
Handle Model: TSS30A
Tip: 960



Do not touch the nozzle after or in working.
Keep away from children.

Package Content

1 x Quick TS1100 ESD Intelligent Lead Free Soldering Station

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