Quick TR1100 Heat Gun Rework Station ESD Safe (110V-US Plug)

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Quick TR1100 Heat Gun Rework Station ESD Safe (110V-US Plug)

The airflow is gentle and uniform, it's light and comfortable to handle, will help you work in an accurate position, which can effectively ensure that the adjacent devices are not impacted by heat, especially suitable for the disassembly and welding of micro CHIP components.



1. Super light handle, comfortable to use.

2. Plug in design of ceramic heater, convenient and fast maintenance.

3. It adopts two-stage booster brush less pump, with constant air pressure and long service life.

4. Multi point temperature digital calibration, password locking function, effective guarantee of process parameters.

5. Ultra quiet ESD safe design.
6. Over temperature alarm.
7. Preset Temperature



Display: LCD
Maximum power: 180W
Input voltage: 110V / 230V AC
Temperature range: 100 ° C ~ 450 ° C
Temperature stabilization: ± 2 ° C
Airflow: 1.5 ~ 7m3 / h
Dimensions (WxDxH): 190 × 190 × 134 [mm]
Weight: About 3.5kg


Do not touch the nozzle after or in working.
Keep away from children.

Package Content

1 x Quick TR1100 Heat Gun Rework Station ESD Safe

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