PX 5.5cm Suction Cup Black

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PX 5.5cm Suction Cup Black Description:

When you are to tear down your smartphone or pad for reparing, you will need a suction cup to separate the LCD screen from the rear case or free the back glass from the middle housing. The PX suction cup here comes with auto locking design. That means it can press all the air out automatically. So it is easier to dismantle the phone or pad if use it.
Unlike non-locking suction cups made of silicone, the PX suction cup is made of high quality rubber with metal shaft and hard plastic handle. It is about 7cm high including 3cm handle and has a diameter of 5.5cm.

How to use?
Place it onto the phone screen after cleaning the screen and then press the top part down for horizontal direction. Then the suction cup can firmly suck the screen, which do you great favor in the separation. But you have to do the operation on the designated position, or you may damage the element especially the flex cable inside. Lift the top part to vertical direction and then you can remove the suction cup off the screen easily. The suction cup won’t leave any residual after the operation.

PX 5.5cm Suction Cup Black Specification:

-Color: Black
-Suction Cup Size: 5.5cm diameter
-Suction Cup Material: Rubber
-Auto Locking: Yes
-Compatible with:Smartphone

Package Content:

1 x PX 5.5cm Suction Cup Black

Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.062KG

-Packing Size: 7.8×5.6×6 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.11KG

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