OEM SIM + SD + USB Port Cover Flap for Sony Xperia Z1S Black

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OEM SIM + SD + USB Cover for Xperia Z1S Black Description:

The SIM card cover, micro SD port flap and USB cover for Xperia Z1S are tiny things but they play an important role in preventing water and dust. The waterproof function of Xperia Z1S will lose once you face one of following problems:

USB port cover lose

Charging port cover can‘t be firmly closed

USB cover is broken

USB flap get loose

You will need an USB flap replacement for XPERIA Z1S if that happens.

You can go to Sony after-sale service for help firstly if your phone is in warranty.

If your phone is out of warranty, you can get the cover flaps for Xpreia Z1S here.

The cover set for Xperia Z1S we provided here are original replacement parts including Micro SD card slot cover, SIM card slot cover, and USB port cover. They are waterproof due to the rubber seal.

Tip: The cover flaps for Xperia Z1S are not compatible with Xperia Z1.

How to replace USB port cover for Xperia Z1S?

Step 1. Open the flap and make it parallel to the oval hole.

Step 2. Angle the cover to aside and pull it out with a little effort.

Step 3. Place a USB port cover for Xperia Z1S at the angle the same as the direction of the hole. Press it and then finish.

OEM SIM + SD + USB Flap for Xperia Z1S Black Specification:

-Color: Black

-Compatible with: Sony Xperia Z1S

Package Content:

1 x OEM SIM + SD + USB Port Cover for Sony Xperia Z1S Black

Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.0009KG

-Packing Size: 2.9x0.5x0.8 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.007KG

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