OEM LCD with Digitizer Replacement for Sony Xperia Z3 Black

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OEM LCD with Digitizer for Sony Xperia Z3 Black Description:

The screen problem for Xperia Z3 comes out unexpectedly. Water damage or sudden fall may cause no display, cracked touch glass, dead pixels, wrong color issues, unresponsive touch screen or flickering screen. In this case, a new complete screen assembly replacement for Xperia Z3 will solve your problem.

There is a brand new and genuine LCD screen replacement for Xperia Z3, which consists of LCD screen and touch screen. With it, your premium Xperia Z3 will run as new. You will find it is the best spare part to replace the broken LCD with digitizer for Xperia Z3.


1. Repairing involves phone disassembly. Be careful; do not damage the flexes and other components while repairing.

2. You should test the parts before you reassemble the phone.

3. This LCD screen is also compatible with Sony Xperia Z3 Dual.

OEM LCD with Digitizer for Sony Xperia Z3 Black Specification:

-Compatible with: Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Dual

-Condition: New & Original

Package Content:

1 x OEM LCD with Digitizer for Sony Xperia Z3 Black

Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.029KG

-Packing Size: 14.2x6.8x0.1

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.0599KG

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