OEM In-ear Headphone for Sony Smartphone Black

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OEM In-ear Headphone for Sony Smartphone Black Description:

The original In-Ear Stereo Headphone, designed with great comfort and high quality, can give you an opportunity to experience an awesome music journey. It can direct the sound straight into your ear so you get the highest possible sound quality with minimum sound loss. The soft ear bud won’t give your ear a hard press which a hard ear bud will do. The design absolutely protects your ear from weakening listening ability.

The left and right side have been marked so that you can recognize them easily and put them into the right place. In this way, the headphone can stay in your ear stably. The connecting part is high quality that it can be connected to your Sony very well and makes the headphone transfer stable sound to your ear. The microphone on it can louden your voice perfectly. When you are listening to music, you can pause for a coming call by just pressing the button on the cable.

OEM In-ear Headphone for Sony Smartphone Black Specification:

-Color: Black

-Compatible with:

All Sony Xperia Smartphone

Package Content:

1 x OEM In-ear Headphone for Sony Smartphone Black

Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.018KG

-Packing Size: 9.0x4.0x1.5 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.035KG

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