New Dust Detection Lamp

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New Dust Detection Lamp Description:

This Dust Scanner is designed to light up any dust particles or scratches when replacing or recycling screens on phones and tablets. This enables the technician to spot any dust or defects on the LCD or Glass lens very quickly. Also a very good tool for checking the phone for dirt/dust before fitting a screen protector.


It features a unique built-in work station with magnetic sections for holding screws, small parts.

-Detect any dust particles instantly before applying a new digitizer to iPads

-Detect any normally invisible cracks on an LCD you are about to fit onto a smartphone

-Work faster by cleaning an LCD once instead of cleaning over and over again.

-Spot imperfections and dust INSTANTLY

-With the built-in magnetic sections, you can organize your tools and small parts (screws etc.) easily, enabling you to work faster.


Supports 110v and 220v


Package Content:

1 x New Dust Detection Lamp

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