Kaisi Repair Toolkit for iPhone 4 7pcs

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Kaisi Repair Toolkit for iPhone 4 7pcs Description:

The repair tool kit for iPhone 4 consists of a Phillips screwdriver, two Pentalobe screwdrivers, two guitar picks, a screw memory board and a capacitive screen opening tool. Under the help of these 7pcs tools, you can disassemble and assemble the iPhone 4 safely and successfully.

The three screwdrivers contain a 0.8 Pentalobe screwdriver, a 1.2 Pentalobe screwdriver and a 1.2 Phillips screwdriver. With magnetic tip, metal shaft, rubber handle and spinning top, they are easy to operate. Each screwdriver is 135mm in overall length and their metal shaft is 40mm in length.

A screw memory board is designed for iPhone 4 to organize all screws. Put each screw of iPhone 4 into designated hole while disassembling. The screw memory board will help you remember the correct position of each screw. And then you can assemble the iPhone 4 with the right screws.

There are two plastic guitar picks, the bigger one has a thickness of 4mm and the smaller one has a thickness of 3mm. You will need them when open the phone and free the LCD screen.

The capacitive screen opening tool is designed for separating the touch glass from the LCD screen. It comes with two flat ends, one is fine and one is medium.

Kaisi Repair Toolkit for iPhone 4 7pcs Specification:

-Compatible with: iPhone 4

-Brand: Kaisi

Package Content:

1 x 0.8 Pentalobe Screwdriver

1 x 1.2 Pentalobe Screwdriver

1 x 1.2 Phillips Screwdriver

1 x 3mm Guitar Pick

1 x 4mm Guitar Pick

1 x Screw Memory Board for iPhone 4

1 x Capacitive Screen Opening Tool


Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.15KG

-Packing Size: 18×11.5×3.0 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.4KG

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