Custom Screen Replacement for OnePlus 3/3T Black

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Custom Screen Replacement for OnePlus 3/3T Black Description

-OnePlus 3 also known as OnePlus Three.

-Brand new and high quality AMOLED Screen replacement.

-Attention: The "OEM" is the best choice. It is entire original screen, the same as the screen of your phone. "Original OLED" is refurbished screen, the display and the flex cable are original, the front glass is not original (but quality is credible, no worry to choose this quality). "Imitation OLED" and "TFT LCD" are not original screen, the quality is not so good as the original screen. The displays of "imitation oled" and "TFT LCD" are in lower quailty.

-Compatible with OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T only.

-Available in Graphite and White. This is the Graphite one.

-It comes with the original AMOLED screen and high quality front glass (The front glass is not original, but the quality is creditable).

-This is the AMOLED screen replacement for your OnePlus 3/3T.

-It is used to replace your damaged/scratched/broken screen. If your OnePlus 3/3T display got damaged, you can get this one for replacement. Here we provide you a high quality touch screen.

Common problems:

Problem 1: Screen timeout doesn’t turn off display

-Screen timeout is a feature of the OnePlus 3 that will dim the display of the device after a predetermined amount of time, or turn it off entirely. Some owners’ devices are not dimming as they should, which could lead to battery drain.

Potential solutions:

  1) Restart your device

  -Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout and change how much time should pass before the screen is turned off.

  2) Clear the cache after updating

  -Turning the phone off, then turn it back on while pressing and holding the volume down button until the phone vibrates. Your phone will start in Simple Recovery mode, and you’ll need to use the volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe Cache Partition option and the power button to select it. Once the process is done, you’ll be told the cache wipe is complete

  3) Try a factory reset


Problem 2: Display doesn’t turn off when making phone calls

-The OnePlus 3T’s display is supposed to turn off when users make phone calls. For some owners, however, the display remains on. This leads to the display using more battery life and makes it easy to accidentally tap the screen during the call.

Potential solutions:

  1) Cancel the call, restart your device, and retry the call again

  2) Test your proximity sensor by dialing “*#808#” and using the various options provided to test it

  3) Go to Settings and find the Apps section. Tap Phone > Storage > Clear Data. Try making a call again


Problem 3: Screen broken/cracked

-Many people curious about the possibility of replacing only the glass. To be frank that’s not an easy work, because the glass and the digitizer of OnePlus 3 are ultra thin which makes them hard to be separated, and the display is so fragile to be damaged, thus a whole screen replacement for OnePlus 3 would be a better choice.


Problem 4: Black Screen:

-Some have reported that the OnePlus 3 will have a black screen after you have turned on the smartphone. The problem is that the OnePlus 3 buttons light up like normal, but the screen remains black and nothing is showing up. The OnePlus 3 screen won’t turn on at random times for different people, but the common problem is that the screen fails to wake up. There are several different ways to try to solve the OnePlus 3 blank screen issue, follow the instructions below to learn how to fix the OnePlus 3 black screen not turning on issue.

Potential solutions:

 1) Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

  -The following steps will get the OnePlus 3 into Recovery Mode by booting the smartphone:

Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons at the same time

After the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button, while still holding the other two buttons until Android System Recovery screen appears.

Using the “Volume Down” button, highlight “wipe cache partition” and press the Power button to select it.

After the cache partition is cleared, the OnePlus 3 will reboot automatically

 2) Factory Reset OnePlus 3

  -If the method above didn’t help you fix the black screen problem on the OnePlus 3, then you should try to factory reset the smartphone. It’s important to note that before you go to factory reset an OnePlus 3, you should back up all files and information to prevent any data from being lost.

  3) Get Technical Support

  -If none of the methods have worked in trying to get the OnePlus 3 to turn with the black screen, it’s suggested to take the smartphone back to the store or to a shop where it can be physically checked for any damage. If proven defective by a technician, a replacement unit may be provided for you of it could be repaired.



-Please check your model before ordering.

-Professional and careful operation is recommended.

-Matched tools are recommended.

Package Content

1 x Custom Screen Replacement for OnePlus 3 / 3T Black

1 x Professional Screen Cleaning Paper

Packing Details

-Weight: 0.03 KG

-Packing Size: 15 × 7.1 × 0.1 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.11 KG

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