5.8cm Heavy-Duty Suction Cup

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5.8cm Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Description:

The heavy-duty suction cup here is ideal for gaining entry into pad, laptop and other device with large display. If you want to repair your broken screen of iPad Air or iMacs, this suction cup is the must have item.
Coming with double handle locking design, the 5.8cm rubber suction cup can press all the air out automatically. It can create 300 more suction than non-locking suction cups. The double handles never cut into the flesh. You will feel comfortable while working.

Place the suction cup onto the screen after cleaning the screen and then lift the horizontal handle to vertical direction. Then it can tightly suck the screen, which will make you dismantle the devices easier. Press the movable handle down for horizontal direction and then you can remove the suction cup off the screen easily. The suction cup won’t leave any residual after operation.
Please notice that you should place the suction cup on the designated position, or you may damage the inside parts such as the flex cable of LCD screen. The right position varies with the devices.

5.8cm Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Specification:

-Color: The color is random.
-Suction Cup Size: 5.8cm diameter
-Head Material: Rubber
-Handle Material: Hard Plastics
-Double Handle: Yes
-Auto locking: Yes
-Compatible with: Smartphone, Pad, laptop, desktop computer

Package Content:

1 x 5.8cm Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Red

Suction Panel for iPad Mini (N=5.8cm) Packing Details:

-Weight: 0.057KG

-Packing Size: 6.4×7.2×6.8 (CM)

-Estimated Shipping Weight: 0.098KG


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Worked just fine for removing the back cover of my Oneplus7 Pro

Jørn Larsen
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