2 in 1 Heating Gun and soldering Iron station YIHUA-8786D-I (US plug)

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2 in 1 Heating Gun and Soldering Iron station YIHUA-8786D-I


-Small Size, save more working area space
-Simply click to switch the led display between the heating gun and soldering iron

-10 min Auto Stand-by and Sleep Function

-Single Button switch cooling down the heat gun 

I. Product Features
1. Adopted PID programmed temperature control technology and implanted the most high-end precision PID program. So the machine can tracks and checks the actual temperature of each soldering station at high speed and corrects it. The temperature compensation speed is fast and less error.
2. Featuring the function of hot air gun and soldering station.
3. Antistatic design, to prevent static or leakage damage component
4. The design of the machine has the following humanized


A. Digital temperature correction function
Adapt to environmental impact or replacement of heating core soldering
tip and other accessories causing iron temperature and display dvaton.co.n be corrected by this function.
B.10 minutes fixed sleep function
The machine automatically detects its own working state. When itis unused and in a static state, it reaches 10 minutes. The temperature of the soldering iron is cooled automatically to 200 degrees to enter a dormant state. It can effectively prevent the oxidation of the iron tip, prolong the service life of the iron tip, save energy and environmental protection. Awaken sleep method: a. shaking iron handle several times. b. Press any key one at a time. C. Turn off the power switch and turn it on again.
C. One-button cool I hot air switching function
Simply press the cold /hot air switch button to switch between cool air and hot
air. At this time, the heating element of the air gun stops heating, and the air is supplied by the fan, which is convenient for the user to cool the heating element.
5. The internal use of SMT double-sided process manufacturing, process neat, clear signal flow, machine stability and safety performance is further improved and adapt to various harsh environments.



1. Suitable for welding various components,such as sOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD, etc. (especially suitable for welding mobile phone cable and cable seat).
2. Use for heat shrinkage, drying, removing the paint and stick, thawing,
preheating, welding and so on. 



Input Voltage:110V US Plug-220V EU Plug
Heat Gun Temperature Range:100-480(℃)
Iron Temperature Range:200-480(℃)
Air flow:≤120L/min
Display: LED Dual Display
Stand Size:148*135*135(mm)


Do not touch the nozzle after or in working.
Keep away from children.

Safety Guidelines

When using this product, please abide by the following procedures to avoid
electric shock or physical harm to the human body, and prevent the occurrence fire or other risks.
1. For safety reason,please turn off the power switch after you have finished using the product and unplug the power cord when not using the machine for an extended period.
2. After the soldering station is switched on, its temperature can exceed 400^C. Do not use near flammable or explosive objects. To avoid burn, do not touch the metal part of the soldering iron.
3. Do not leave the work area when the soldering station is switched on.
5. The power cord must be unplugged and the iron must be allowed to cool before installing or replacing soldering iron parts.
6. After use, please let the unit cool down before package.
7. The soldering iron should only be used for soldering. Do not hit the soldering iron against the work surface to remove flux residues, as doing so may seriously damage the soldering iron.
8. Soldering produces fumes, ensure there is adequate ventilation.

Package Content

1 x YIHUA-8786D-I Heat Gun

1x YIHUA-8786D-I Iron

1x YIHUA-8786D-I Station

3x Nozzle

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