LG G6 Battery Repair Guide

This video shows you how to replace the broken battery of LG G6.


Replacement Parts For LG G6 : https://witrigs.com/d4tai
OEM Battery for LG G6 :https://zegsu.com/s/di61c


Replace your LG G6 damage battery.
In addition , you must replace the broken one in following situations.
The phone can connect to a computer but it can’t charge.
It must be the battery set got damaged.


1.Plastic spudger - https://zegsu.com/s/dj437
2.Tweezer -  https://zegsu.com/s/djv83
3.Metal Opening Tool -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj40d
4.Guitar Pick -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj43z
5.Phillips screwdriver - https://zegsu.com/s/dj44o
6.Plastic Opening Card -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj18b
7.Hairdryer  -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj44c


Step1 Remove the battery cover;
Step2 Remove the broken battery;
Step3 Install a new battery;
Step4 Paste glue;
Step5 Install battery cover;



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