iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement - Repair Guide

Does your iPhone 6S Plus battery drain too quickly? This video shows you how to replace the worn battery of iPhone 6S Plus. 

Replacement Parts for iPhone 6s Plus : https://witrigs.com/d3zug
OEM Battery for iPhone 6S Plus : https://zegsu.com/s/djls6
Suction cup –https://zegsu.com/s/dj2cm
Plastic Spudger 2pc - https://zegsu.com/s/dj2t0
Plastic Spudger -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj437
Multi-purpose Screwdriver - https://zegsu.com/s/dj15d
Ultra-thin plastic card - https://zegsu.com/s/dj18b
Adhesive -  https://zegsu.com/s/dj4xi
Battery life is one of the few areas where a flagship phone can stand out from its rivals in 2018, and the iPhone 6S Plus needs to be able to survive at least a full day on a single charge. Apple remains its battery capacity at 2750mAh. With efficiency of Apple A9, its battery life is supposed to be longer. However, Battery life always becomes shorter and shorter after times of using. So, this video is helpful for iPhone 6S Plus users.
Step 1 Open the battery cover;
Step 2 Remove the broken battery
Step 3 Install a new battery
Step 4 Test the new battery
Step 5 Install the battery cover

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